YumiLuv (you-me-love) Untreated Gemstone and Gold Jewelry

"Jewels to help and heal"
***All our stones are all natural, untreated. This way the wearer receives the benefits of the properties of the stone.
All our rings are 'skin touch' rings. In Vedic astrology, such rings are often prescribed. All our jewelry is made with loving intentions, more than mere decoration!
I have long standing relationships with a few ethical and honest gem dealers who travel to the sources for ethically mined and sourced stones that are ACTUALLY natural and untreated.
I created this line in order to offer these gems to people, as very few designers know their sources, nor have access to such stones.
Connecting with the magic of nature, helps people to connect with their true nature. Jewelry can be simply decoration, or, in the case of YumiLuv, it can be a powerful tool that looks and feels beautiful!
*If there is something you do not see here, but would like...please ask.

*** NO MATTER WHERE YOU BUY YOUR JEWELRY, ask for UNTREATED/UNHEATED stones. It's become more and more common for jewelers to use treated stones (few jewelers are educated enough in gemology to know what they are using). Many of them are irradiated! Love yourself enough not to wear radiation. Only untreated stones are good for your health...

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Yumi Luv- Since 1986 💗 (you me love)

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